Digitizing the Industry

Digitizing the Industry and UX design since 1998. Keeping up with new technologies is hard – That’s why were here to help you get through the day and making it as easy as it could get.

Digitizing information makes it easier to preserve, access, and share. For example, an original historical document may only be accessible to people who visit its physical location, but if the document content is digitized, it can be made available to people worldwide.

What is your biggest challenge?

In an ever-changing world, the demand for more flexibility, faster results and increased customer value has never been greater. The right knowledge and support can help you work more efficiently and convert change into success. With the right combination of expertise in business analysis, enterprise architecture and project management, you can take control of your future. Our consultants have provided support to some of Sweden’s leading companies and helped them digitalize their business.

What is your biggest challenge?

Why Does User Experience Matter, and how may it help your business?

User experience – UX, for short – is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. UX encompasses a lot of factors, some that are controllable by designers and developers and some that are environmental or just user preference. These factors include usability, accessibility, performance, design and aesthetics, utility, ergonomics, overall human interaction and marketing.

Why Digitization?

Why Digitization?

Save money. Digitizing documents and storing them in the cloud helps cut costs.  Save time – Storing documents digitally is faster than having employees spend hours printing, sorting and filing. Enhance collaboration and improve data security for the benefit of all.

If you have a business, multiple digitalization options may have already occurred to you. And even if you know that a digital transformation is necessary to increase productivity and to avoid lagging behind the competitors, you’re still likely to have doubts about its depth.


You have to be more agile and flexible to face new challenges. Let change be an asset to your organization.

To succeed, you need people, business and IT to work together.

According to Gartner’s IT Glossary, “Digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital form” – a definition few would disagree with. There are many examples of digitization in enterprises today, as there have been for many decades.

There is no alternative to digitization. Even on the building site. Construction and the industry needs to catch up. Digitization is about businesses encountering connected systems at every link in the value chain. It is about working with tools and practices based on information and communication technology.

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